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Why Ankit

Some of the reasons, why you should choose Us

Ankit Wires & Cables (AWC) is the leading manufacturer of its kind in central India. Our goal is to build power products and provide unbeatable services to support our clients with better solutions. AWC is well-known for providing innovative solutions and excellence in operations to provide on time delivery to our clients across the globe. Our products include PVC Submersible Cable, Aluminum Core Cable, XLPE Submersible Cable, PVC Coated Aluminum Wires, Copper House Wire and Ankit Lite Submersible Cable.

Convenience and Support
Round the year sample dispatch facility
Quick Service
Immediate Dispatch Detail Information
Trust and Transparency
Prompt and Clean Accounting Services
Quality Control
Center for Consistency
All Time Assistant
24*7 Feedback Center


Low Resistance
Pure Copper
Pure Insulation
Soft and Smooth
Superior Strength
Complete Stock
Wide Range

Product Range

Our commitment is to provide the best product to every customer

High quality products just born from the hands of professionals

Happy Clients