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Aluminum Core Cable

Ankit wire has a complete range of PVC coated aluminum core cable. We use high grade of PVC insulation sheath with pure quality aluminum conductor in our cable for their longer life. Ankit aluminum core cable has high grade PVC coating sheath around aluminum wires it helps cable for surviving in tough condition or weather.


• Ankit Wires Provides 5 year manufacturing warranty against his PVC coating for crack, deterioration from water or sunlight.
• Aluminum core cables are easy to carry from one place to another place at the place of aluminum wires.
• Aluminum core cables are more durable coz of his extra PVC coating jacket.
• Aluminum core cables can be used in underground wiring.
• Ankit wire print meter marking, wire gauge size on every meter of wire.
• Ankit wire use pure grade aluminum conductor for better performance.

Technical Data

Conductor: solid Aluminum Wire
Core Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
Sheath Color: Blue
Voltage Grade:
Packing: Standard packing of 300mtr. Longer length also available on request.